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Pigio™ Application

Our patented eye-tracking technology was first embodied as Gaze-to-Speech™ to help voiceless patients communicate using only eye movements. It launched as an iOS App called Pigio™ ICU, allowing Intensive Care Unit patients (conscious but intubated or paralyzed) to communicate through eye movements. By gazing at a particular image for a few seconds on the tablet’s screen, its content is activated, and the chosen audible message is heard. The Pigio™ Pro version includes additional features and screens including media & entertainment access to news and YouTube. With a growing number of downloads and uses each day, Pigio™ users have allowed us to improve the performance of our eye-tracking technology to a level that is comparable or better than existing infrared solutions. Pigio™ is easily accessible and free for basic use. You can download it from your iPad here. Besides spreading the message that AI can do good, anonymous Pigio™ users are helping our machine & deep learning technology power our future regulated Software-as-a-Medical-Device (SaMD) offerings. We are currently building a pipeline of clinical trials to support this SaMD portfolio.