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Our patented Eye Tracking Technology

Central to what Innodem develops is our patented eye-tracking technology that works in visible light (no need for specific infrared cameras). In times of exploding costs and pandemics, we believe that an easy-to-use, affordable, mobile software application that can be downloaded to your existing smartphone or tablet is what the healthcare system needs. Our patented mobile software technology is hardware agnostic and capable of working with almost any off-the-shelf camera that is found on most smartphones and tablets today.

USPTO patent #US 2020/0302640 A1 (“Eye Tracking Method and System”)

Eye Movement Biomarkers or “EMBs”

EMB refers to a quantitative composite assessment of various eye movement behaviors as a surrogate of brain health. Eye movement data included in our EMBs include classic measures such as those derived from saccade and anti-saccades tasks, as well as complex gaze path patterns produced during perceptual tasks. The data generated by the assessment tool represents a unique “eye movement signature” in the context of any neurological condition affecting eye movements. EMBs can be used by healthcare professionals to identify oculomotor abnormalities; track disease progression; monitor treatment effects; assist with diagnoses; etc.

Gaze Mapping Biomarkers or “GMBs”

Innodem has coined the acronym GMB for Gaze Mapping Biomarker to differentiate these assessments from EMBs. GMBs quantitatively measure various aspects of human cognition by analyzing gaze patterns produced while individuals perform short visual tasks. GMBs will incorporate, for instance, measures of sustained attention, attention-switching, processing speed, working memory and response inhibition. GMBs can also be used by healthcare professionals to track disease progression, monitor treatment effects and assist with diagnoses.