About us

Who we are

Co-founded by cognitive neurologist Dr. Étienne de Villers-Sidani (UCSF/McGill University), software engineer Yves Desgagné and serial entrepreneur Marc Reeves, INNODEM NEUROSCIENCES is a private company created in 2016 and backed by Gerald Chan's Morningside Group. The company received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its ETNATM-MS (Eye Tracking Neurological Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis) patented technology and is pending Health Canada clearance in early Q1-24 and in H2-24 for the FDA.

Preliminary clinical trial results have been peer-reviewed and are available in the publication Frontiers of Neurology. The company has already signed partnering agreements with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. including a commercial framework agreement. Other pharmaceutical partnership agreements are in the works and will be announced during the year.

What we do

Innodem Neurosciences is a digital biomarker & AI company that specializes in the development of an eye tracking technology, ETNA™, that shows promising use for neurological assessment of the progression of various neurodegenerative and mental diseases. The ETNA™ technology is being trialed with patients living with various neurodegenerative and mental diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Friedreich Ataxia, and cancer-related cognitive impairment. Its patented ETNA™-MS technology is currently under regulatory review.

Leadership team

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