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Pigio ™ allows you to control its mobile interface using your eyes.

The Pigio ™ ICU app will turn your iPad into an intuitive communication tool. Through the combination of Apple’s text to speech and our innovative eye movement tracking technology, Pigio ™ ICU enables users to gaze at icons triggering a Gaze-to-Speech™ engine. No hand movements are required.

If you are a healthcare professional or caregiver and want to improve communication for people without a voice, you can consider Pigio ™ the new standard of digital accessibility.

All the basic functionality is FREE. In the premium version, available through an In-App purchase, a yearly subscription will unlock more menus and functions providing more personalized options. Contrary to infrared eye-tracking solutions, Pigio ™ ICU works even if the user is wearing glasses. Pigio  is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Communication Solutions for Healthcare Professionals and Institutions

Healthcare professionals and the institutions that they work for, seek to improve the quality of care that they dispense to their patients in a cost-effective way. Nurses, neurologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists can all benefit from using Innodem Neurosciences’ Professional application. Hospitals and Private Clinics can therefore improve the quality of care that is dispensed.

More Than a Communication Platform:
Media & Entertainment to Enhance Patient Care

In addition to the core communication application, Pigio™ users will be able to access various media and entertainment applications. Currently, we support Netflix and YouTube, and we plan to continuously add new applications with subsequent updated versions of Pigio™.

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Mobile Gaze-Tracking Software Technology

As stated above, current methods to communicate with paralyzed and intubated patients are time-consuming and can be frustrating, both for the patient and healthcare professional. Healthcare vendors have seized the opportunity to develop sophisticated, proprietary, technological hardware and software solutions to fill this void. Unfortunately, these solutions have had limited market penetration because of their high costs. We believe that an easy-to-use and affordable software application that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet is what patients and healthcare professionals require. To date, the major technological hurdle to this solution has been the development of an eye-tracking software capable of functioning with standard mobile device cameras. At Innodem Neurociences, we have successfully a patent-pending mobile gaze-tracking technology does not require any specialized hardware and is capable of working with almost any off-the-shelf mobile device. This new and innovative technology is at the core of pigio’s intuitive user interface, that has been designed to improve both patient communication abilities and healthcare quality.

AI Diagnostics & Predictability

As Pigio™ grows its user base, so too will our capacity to establish correlations between usage and various neurological diseases. Through a cloud-based AI core, we have made it possible to “learn” from end-users anonymously to better associate various neurological diseases to specific eye movement “signatures”. With this architecture, our goal is to support health professionals with improved diagnostics. Pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of new drugs realize that identifying the right patients for a clinical trial is pivotal. Innodem Neurosciences is developing the software technology to further optimize this fundamental process.

About Us

Innodem Neurosciences was founded by Dr. Etienne de Villers-Sidani in 2016. As a neurologist, he cares for paralyzed or intubated individuals that cannot communicate except through the movement of their eyes. He found the standard of care, a printed letter board, to be far too slow and impractical to efficiently communicate with patients. Furthermore, although proprietary hardware solutions were available on the market, they were rarely used by patients and clinicians, likely because of their high costs. He imagined a more intuitive, mobile, user-friendly, and affordable solution; one that would harness the camera embedded in every day mobile devices. Many patients and healthcare professionals today already own a smartphone or electronic tablet. For the past two years, he has been working with a team of software engineers, colleagues and with patients to develop eye tracking software technology. In 2018, his functional prototype was validated by angel financing. Innodem Neurosciences aims to become the global standard of care to improve the overall quality of care and quality of life of individuals struggling to communicate. Furthermore, Innodem Neurosciences is building state of the art diagnostic application, which will not only aid healthcare professionals but will also aid pharmaceutical industry. 

Our Team

Dr. Etienne de Villers Sidani

Founder, CEO & CMO

Etienne is a neurologist, Associate Professor at McGill University and researcher at Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital and member of the Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music (CRBLM). He is the main Founder, Chief Executive & Medical Officer of Innodem Neurosciences.

Alexandre Drouin-Picaro

M.Sc, B.Eng
Software Developer

Alexandre holds a Master of Science in Brain-Computer Interfaces and is responsible for all technological research and development at Innodem Neurosciences. He is also a founding member.

Delphine Bélanger

B.Sc. (erg.), M.Ps.
Manager - Patient Tests

Delphine works as an occupational therapist at the The Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. At Innodem, Delphine helps design and administer tests with patients and clients.

Marc Reeves

Chief Strategy Officer

Marc Reeves is a serial technology entrepreneur and a founding member of Innodem Neurosciences. He is Chief Strategy Officer and co-leads all corporate and business development activities including the various rounds of financing.

Patrice Voss

VP - Neuroscience Research

Patrice Voss is a Research Associate at the Montreal Neurological Institute and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Université de Montréal. He leads all research at Innodem Neurosciences.

Francis Arseneau

M.Fin., B.A. & B.Sc.
Director - Neuroscience Research

Francis holds a Masters of Management in Finance and a Bachelor’s Degree (Major in Cognitive Neurosciences) from McGill University. He oversees all day to day activities at Innodem Neurosciences.

Yves Desgagne

Software Engineer & CTO

Yves is a founding member of Innodem Neurosciences and leads all product development.

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