Innodem Neurosciences is proud to announce the appointment of a leading authority on neurodegenerative and mental diseases, Dr. Paul Giacomini, M.D., FRCPC, as the company’s Chief Medical Officer.

A Leading Neurologist Joins Innodem Neurosciences

Innodem Neurosciences, a leader in digital health and the convergence of neuroscience, pharmaceuticals and AI, is proud to announce the appointment of a leading authority on neurodegenerative and mental diseases, Dr. Paul Giacomini, M.D., FRCPC, as the company’s Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Giacomini is a neurologist specializing in multiple sclerosis and neuroinflammatory disorders, as well as advanced neuroimaging techniques. He is the Director of The Neuro’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University, and attending physician at the Montreal Neurological Institute (“The Neuro”) and the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). In addition to his active clinical practice, Dr. Giacomini was the main researcher in numerous clinical trials evaluating new therapies for various neuroinflammatory diseases. For example, he is the founder and co-director of the DEMySTIFI data project (Data Extraction in Multiple Sclerosis To Inform Future Interventions), a comprehensive database compiling clinical, imaging, biological and genetic data to better understand treatment response and disease progression. He is also involved in imaging research using artificial intelligence to predict treatment response in neuroinflammatory disorders, with the aim of guiding personalized therapeutic decisions.

“We are privileged to have someone of Dr. Giacomini’s calibre on our team, explains Dr. Étienne de Villers-Sidani, Founder, CEO and Scientific Director of Innodem Neurosciences. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for innovative thinking. His arrival will help make Innodem’s digital biomarker technology (pending regulatory approvals) available to clinics worldwide, optimizing care for patients with neurological diseases.”

“I’m delighted to be joining a company where I’ll be able to apply my expertise to the development of a technology that has unique potential to make the detection and monitoring of neurological diseases easier, more efficient and more accessible, all using a simple mobile app. I’m excited by the potential of this sensitive, accurate and scalable biomarker technology to democratize diagnostic support for neurodegenerative and mental diseases.”

A Unique Technology

Innodem Neurosciences’ patented eye movement detection technology consists of a user-friendly application which, subject to Health Canada approval, will transform an iPad Pro into a medical device linked to a cloud-based artificial intelligence infrastructure. The experimental application enables a series of non-invasive tests to be carried out in just a few minutes, recording and compiling the user’s eye movements. Analysis of this data will enable specialists to facilitate the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative and mental illnesses. Innodem recently signed a multi-year commercial framework agreement with Novartis Pharma Canada to support its ongoing efforts.

About Innodem Neurosciences

Founded in 2016, Innodem Neurosciences has developed a patented mobile technology for capturing digital biomarkers of neurodegenerative and mental diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and related disorders, frontotemporal dementia and related disorders, as well as cancer-related cognitive disorders (“chemo brain”). This new eye-tracking and cognitive testing technology is embedded in an ISO/HIPAA-compliant system, consisting of an intuitive iPad Pro application connected to a cloud-based artificial intelligence infrastructure. The application consists of a series of simple visual tasks that are completed in a matter of minutes. The user’s eye movements and gaze patterns are extracted and recorded in the form of hundreds of measurements called Eye Movement Biomarkers (EMB) and Gaze Mapping Biomarkers (GMB). Innodem’s core team, led by cognitive neurologist and CEO Dr. Étienne de Villers-Sidani, is made up of an intersectional group of neuroscientists, software engineers, data scientists, healthcare professionals and serial entrepreneurs. The company’s mission is to become the digital leader in mobile applications that can easily extract EMBs and GMBs through its AI-powered technology, to better meet the needs of the global healthcare system. For further information, please visit

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